Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Lesson Plan

Academic Standards


Reading Objective:

Children will follow four engineering tips for how to build a snowman.


Science Focus:

Properties of ice and snow



SL.1.2 Discuss a video; L.1.4 Clarify words and phrases; RI.1.1 Key details; W.1.2 Write informative texts; RI.1.8 Text evidence; W.1.2 Writing; RI.1.10 Read and discuss first-grade texts, L.1.1 Conventions of English when writing

  • Before watching "What Do You Know About Snow?," ask children what they like to do on snowy days. (If you live in a warm climate, ask kids what they would most like to try if it did snow.)
  • After watching, ask kids to turn and talk with a partner. Partners should tell each other at least one new thing they learned about snowfl akes! (SKILL: SL.1.2 Discuss a video)
  • Play the vocabulary slideshow. This issue’s featured words are tight, sturdy, layer, and melt. (SKILL: L.1.4 Clarify words and phrases)
  • Read the issue together.
  • Get kids up and moving with the Dance Break video.
  • Then project and discuss the reading checkpoint skill sheet. Later, children can fill in their own copies. (SKILL: RI.1.1 Key details)

Kids will love building their own digital snowman with this game! (SKILLS: numbers, shapes)

  • Kids just read tips on how to build a snowman in the magazine. With this skill sheet, they can write their own tips! (SKILL: W.1.2 Write informative texts)
  • Kids’ favorite fountain of misinformation is at it again! Kids will love refuting Norbert’s “facts”! Just email Norbert will write back! (SKILLS: RI.1.8 Text evidence, W.1.2 Writing)

Objective: Children will create “chilly” snowmen and write tips for keeping them safe!

Materials: one bottle of school glue, one can of shaving cream, construction paper, markers

  • The recipe for this “chilly” snow paint couldn’t be easier! Just chill a bottle of school glue in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, leave it on the counter for ten minutes, and then combine equal parts glue and shaving cream. (You can even add glitter if you like.)
  • Now have kids paint a chilled snowman on a contrasting color of construction paper, such as blue. They can add features by sticking on small, pre-cut bits of construction paper or fabric scraps. You can also use googly eyes and pom poms.
  • When children’s snowmen are done, have them write a safety tip by fi nishing this sentence at the bottom: Keep me away from ________! Encourage children to fi ll in the blank with anything that might be hot, warm, or cause the snowman to melt for any reason. You should get some creative responses—anything from hot cocoa to hot tubs! (SKILL: creative thinking)