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Children will make predictions about groundhogs and discover groundhog behaviors.

Vocabulary: warning, escape, burrow

Social Studies Focus: Groundhog Day

Science Focus: animal behavior

CCSS (and states that have similar standards): RL.1.1 key details; RF.1.2 consonant blends; RF.1.3 decode words; RI.1.10 read and discuss first-grade texts; W.1.2 writing; SL.1.2 ask and answer questions

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Paired Text Suggestion: Groundhog Weather School by Joan Holub

  • Amid the wacky illustrations, puns, and speech bubbles, you will find amazing facts on groundhogs, weather, and seasons in this book. hands-on activities! 

Phonics Focus: Consonant blend gr- sound

  • Tell students that the consonant blend gr- can be found at the beginning of some words in this issue! Have students hunt for words that start with this blend and circle them. How many can they find?

Hands-on Activity: Hand Shadows

Skill: investigating

Materials: Hand Shadows skill sheet, pencil, flashlights

  • Students will explore making animal-shaped shadows and create their own hand shadows!
  • Turn off the lights in a classroom, or choose a dark spot in the room. Turn on the flashlight and shine a spot on a wall. Put your hand in front of the light and wiggle it around. Tell the students a rabbit shape is about to appear on the wall. Curl in your fingers so that only your pointer and middle finger create the rabbit hand shadow.
  • Then provide small groups with flashlights and Hand Shadows skill sheets.
  • Have students work together to make all the shadows on the sheet. Students can take turns using the flashlight, making the shape, and crossing off each shadow puppet on their sheets.
  • Then ask students to try to make their own shadow puppets. They can name and draw their idea on their sheet. Last, have volunteers show the class their shadow puppet creation!