A guide for using our resources

Children will discuss good work habits.

SEL Focus: self-management

CCSS (and states that have similar standards): RI.1.1 key details; RF.1.3 phonics and word analysis; SL.1.1 collaborative conversations; L.1.2 standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling; L.1.6 use new vocabulary

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Paired Text: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein

  • Beatrice never makes mistakes. But when something goes awry during the talent show, she learns an important lesson about them.
  • This book is great for fostering a healthy attitude toward making mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is a great work habit!

Vocabulary: habit

  • Kids learned the word habit in the issue. But good habits aren’t just for school! Help students make connections to good habits they have outside of school too.
  • Remind children that a habit is something you do regularly. What are some good habits they have? Invite each child to share their responses. If another student has the same habit, they can do a “me too” signal!

Phonemic Awareness: Beginning Sounds

  • A great review skill for the start of the year is beginning sound identification.
  • Have children put away their magazines. Say a key word from the article. Have students repeat the word and then state the beginning sound. For example, you could use words like sit (/s/), listen (/l/), write (/r/), paper (/p/), and habit (/h/).
  • Not only does this help with sound identification, but it also reinforces ideas from the issue!

Hands-On Activity: My Work Habits

Skill: self-management, fi ne-motor skills

Materials: My Work Habits skill sheet, scissors, glue, crayons

  • Give each child a copy of the skill sheet.
  • Tell each child to choose the top four work habits they would like to practice this year. Then have them cut them out and paste them in the boxes.
  • Next, have children draw themselves doing each habit.
  • Children can keep the sheet in a work folder as a reminder!