A guide for using our resources

Children will practice following classroom rules.

SEL Focus: self-management

CCSS (and states that have similar standards): RI.1.1 key details; RF.1.3 phonics and word analysis; SL.1.1 collaborative conversations; L.1.6 use new vocabulary; W.1.8 write to answer questions

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Paired Text: Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

  • In this hilarious book, Chicken interrupts every story his papa tries to read at bedtime.
  • Will Chicken learn to listen?

Build Background Knowledge: Name That Rule!

  • Ask students to share rules that they have at home or had in kindergarten. Explain that rules are directions people follow to keep everyone safe!
  • Ask students to finish these sentences about rules they may know:
    • The rule when an adult is driving and sees a red light is to ____________.
    • After you go to the restroom, it is a rule to wash your ____________.
    • When you are riding your bike, it is a rule to wear a _______________.
  • You can also come up with other rules for students to guess!

Class Brainstorm: Create Your Own Rules Chart

  • Start by writing some school rules from the issue on chart paper.
  • Then ask children what other class rules should be. If they need help, off er some suggestions, like share, be kind, etc. 
  • When you’re done, have children sign their names to the bottom of the list as a promise to try to follow the class rules!

Hands-On Activity: I’m a Rules Rooster!

Skills: self-management, writing, fi ne-motor skills

Materials: Rules Rooster Template skill sheet, red construction paper, scissors, sentence strips or wide strips of brown paper, tape or stapler

  • Have children write a school rule on the skill sheet sentence strip. It can be a rule from the issue or one from the class brainstorm. Have them cut out the sentence strip.
  • Then have children cut out the rooster comb template. Have them put the template on red construction paper, trace it, and cut it out.
  • Use wide strips of brown paper or paper strips to make headbands. Wrap a headband around each child’s head to fit. Tape the ends together.
  • Cut a small slit in the front and back of each headband. Put the comb in the slit. Tape to secure.
  • Have children wear their Rules Rooster headbands!