A guide for using our resources

Children will identify ways to be a good friend.

SEL Focus: relationship skills

CCSS (and states that have similar standards): RI.1.1 key details; RF.1.3 phonics and word analysis; SL.1.1 collaborative conversations; L.1.4 clarify the meaning of unknown words; L.1.6 use new vocabulary; W.1.8 write to answer questions

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Paired Text: Sad, the Dog by Sandy Fussell

  • A little dog names himself “Sad” when his humans don’t appreciate his talents. But when he joins a new family, the name no longer fits.
  • This charming story teaches kids about being kind to others.

Class Brainstorm: How Can We Share, Help, and Care?

  • Not all students may be ready for full sentence writing at the beginning of the school year. Encourage student independence through list making!
  • On chart paper, make the header “How Can We” and three columns with the headers share, help, care. Below each header, make numbered rows 1-5.
  • Call on students to share how they can demonstrate sharing, helping, and caring at school. Stretch words out and spell with students, or have students come up to the paper and write the words themselves.

Vocabulary: hilarious

  • Kids were introduced to the word hilarious in the issue. Now help them practice using it!
  • Remind children that when something is hilarious, it is very funny. Then model using hilarious in a sentence, like “My friend is hilarious.”
  • Have children take turns saying their own sentence using the word hilarious!

Hands-On Activity: Guess Who?

Skill: self-awareness/relationship skills, writing, drawing

Materials: Guess Who? skill sheets, pencils, crayons

  • This activity helps students get to know each other—and maybe make new friends! Have students complete the sentences and draw pictures to go with them.
  • Then post the sheets without student names, and have students guess who each sheet belongs to.
  • You can also post one student’s list each morning, and have students guess whose it is at the end of the day.