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Children will meet a boy named Liam who works hard to help monarch butterflies.

Science Focus: animal insects

SEL Focus: social awareness

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Liam’s Recommended Paired Text: Señorita Mariposa by Ben Gundersheimer

  • One of Liam’s favorite books about butterflies is Señorita Mariposa by Ben Gundersheimer. Liam says, “I like it because it is about monarchs and is in español and English too. It has drawings that look like me and my family.”

Diphthong Hunt: ee

  • Work together to find and circle the vowel team ee each time it appears in the issue.

Hands-On Activity: Letters to Liam

Skill: writing

Materials: letter template, crayons, pencils

  • Talk with children about how Liam is helping monarch butterfl ies. He is doing an important job! Because he sends out seed kits, people can plant the milkweed that monarchs need to lay their eggs. He is helping monarchs reproduce and raising awareness about the problem monarchs are facing.
  • Pass out the letter template and have children write thank-you notes! They can also draw a picture for Liam.
  • Send your class’s notes to the address printed on the template. Liam will love getting appreciation from his peers!


Go to www.amigosformonarchs.org to request seed kits for your class and help Liam reach his goal to share 1,500 Amigos for Monarchs seed kits in 2022! Please allow a few weeks for your seed kit to arrive.